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Monday, January 7, 2008

Ombak-Ombak Latest Production...! Press Preview...

The poster of the latest 'Ombak-Ombak' production:

Below are some photos of 'a mixed media performance' by 'Ombak-Ombak Artstudio' during the press preview session.
Music: 'Letter from the Bird Community' - Composer: Tan Sooi Beng

Drama: 'Sonata Tropika' - Director: Janet Pillai - Actors: Aida Reza, Siau Fen & Ang Bang Siang

Dance Installation: 'Ombak Naik, Tuah Menurun' - Choreographer: Aida Reza - Dancers: Kipli, Hardy, Joey, Ken, Kun, Ang & Eu Jean.
For more details, visit www.storminabox.blogspot.com


mat gambier kashimiri kena yell! said...

bila nak jemput wakil dewan budaya tatau?

Joie said...

Hello kipli!! Joie was here! not Joey lah...

come to visit me lah...


or search for the name joie koo at friendster...haha!

Nice performing with you. :)