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Monday, May 21, 2007

'Anak-Anak Kota' - Comeback

Hi, the 'Anak-Anak Kota' spirit is coming back with a brand new street performances entitled 'Ronggeng Merdeka'. It is a musical drama featuring Penang’s journey to Merdeka. Ronggeng Merdeka features the sung stories of Penang residents from the 1930s, through the Japanese Occupation, up to the period of Merdeka. It captures the rhythms and sounds of school, street life and the trades of the diverse communities of Penang through song,dance & drama. Following Penang’s tradition of street performances such as Chinese opera, Dondang Sayang, Boria, and Ronggeng which has been enjoyed by various ethnic communities Ronggeng Merdeka will perform in community spaces, in the open air, in 5 locations in Penang: { Teluk Bahang - 4 June 07 - 8PM } { Seberang Jaya - 7 June 07 - 3PM } { Balik Pulau - 9 June 07 - 9.30AM } { Air Itam, Reservoir Garden - 10 June 07 - 8PM } { Lebuh Armenian, George Town - 16 June 07 - 8PM }
For more details, please refer to the 'ronggengmerdeka' blog. Happy merdeka day.

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